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Spirit of California Hotel & Convention Center
Spirit of California Logo

The Spirit of California will offer the world’s first theme park reflecting  diverse cultural influences and recreational  opportunities of California.  The park will include everything from a wine tasting/making Vintner Center, to an adventure Theme Park for outdoor recreation, rides and film simulators, shopping and dining experiences reflecting all the diverse cultures of California and a working Movie Studio.  All the best of California, now for the first time located in one place.


In addition to the Theme Park, Spirit of California will include a Hotel &  Convention Center; entertainment dining and entertainment, Retail Shopping & Residential Condminiums; a Boat Marina connected to the Sacramento River Delta which can service pleasure boats from the San Francisco Bay area and beyond; a full service Motor Sports Park; a Festival Park for major outdoor recreation events; an outdoor amphitheater, cultural and historical exhibits; a Motorcoach Park; International Equestrian Center, a Championship Golf Course and residential units incorporated into every venue.


Spirit of California’s site will feature a sustainable resource recovery state of the art water treatment facility powered by the digestion of on-site waste.


This will provide: water purification, use of recycled water for irrigation, production of bio fuels from bio-waste, production of electricity and other bi-products such as algae and fertilizers. The treatment facility will serve as an educational center for sustainable resource recovery and model for other regions.

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