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Spirit of California HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER
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SPIRIT of CALIFORNIA’S THEME PARK will provide an adventurous journey through the history of California since the discovery of the San Francisco Bay in 1769.
The journey follows the history of California from the early “Settlers Gold Rush” along the American River, to the building of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the movie industry of Southern California, the Aerospace industry and Silicon Valley’s high tech worldwide leadership.

• The THEME PARK will include “lands” that reflect California history, culture, industry and adventure. Each area’s design evokes a theme or period, and there are no visual distractions to break the illusion that one has stepped into the future of Silicon Valley or the California Redwoods.

In our family Theme Park, visitors will be treated to music, which reinforces the story told by the architecture and strolling characters.   The journey brings you alongside and into the cultures that encouraged the unique individuals who led the historical growth of California. 


The Theme Park will include state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality rides and film simulators and shopping and dining experiences reflecting all the diverse cultures of California. The park’s elegantly landscaped settings will have wide meandering walkways providing bi-directional pedestrian America Disabilities Act traffic. The park is designed for the enjoyment of ages from 2 to 92.


Design - The worlds' most renowned designers and engineers are working together on design concepts for the multiple venues within the Spirit of California Entertainment Park. 

A visit to The Spirit of California and overnight  stay in our hotel will become a family destination for generations to come, Forever Redefining Your Cultural Entertainment Experience.

• 175 acre Historical and Cultural Theme Park -  An exciting and adventurous journey through the history of California beginning with the discovery of the San Francisco Bay in 1769 and proceeding up to the current day aerospace, movie and high tech industries. Featured historical events and the state’s development into the world’s 6th (2015) largest economy are enjoyed through the unique and thrilling experiences of themed rides and exhibitions, while visiting the cultural communities inhabiting the state of California by enjoying the multi-national cuisine and shopping experience offered by each cultural community. 

 • HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS - A walk and a ride through the discovery of California in 1769 and some of the historical highlights since then:
• Discovery of the San Francisco Bay in 1769 following exploration beginning in 1522 just thirty years after Columbus' discovery of the New World.. 
• Spanish settlement of Missions established between 1769 and 1833. 
• San Francisco from a settlement of 200 residents in 1846 to a boom town of 36,000 by 1852.
• The California Gold Rush (1848 -1855) gold was discovered and the news brought 300,000 people to California.. 
• San Francisco Chinatown originating circa 1848 it is the largest Chinese community on the West Coast, and the second largest in the United States.
• California became a state in 1850, after the state constitution was drafted and a governor and legislature chosen in 1849.
• San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's most famous landmark opened in 1937 after a four-year struggle against relentless winds, fog, rock and treacherous tides.
• Alcatraz, work began in 1853 and continued until 1858, eventuating in Fortress Alcatraz.
• California Vineyards first commercial vineyard was established in Napa Valley in 1854 with the first winery starting production there in 1858. 
• California Coast’s Oldest Seaside Beach Resort established in 1869 in Capitola is regarded as the oldest seaside resort along the Pacific coast.
• Aerospace Industry, since the early 1900’s airplanes to spacecraft! Southern California has been a leader in aerospace technology.
• Movie and Television Industry, “In Old California”, a film by DW Griffith was filmed entirely in the village of Hollywood in 1910. 
• Silicon Valley, Since 1939 the high tech industry, led by forward thinking international leaders have changed the way we live our lives.

• CALIFORNIA’S GOAL SETTING WORLD LEADERSHIP - Ride along with us as we enjoy the beauty and leadership of the state through the experience presented within The Spirit of California Entertainment Park.

California’s multi-culture population and settlement - The state has the most diverse cross section of resident nationalities of anywhere in North America.
• California’s surf culture - In July 1885, three teenage Hawaiian princes surfed the mouth of the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz on custom-shaped redwood boards.
• Automotive Design & Technology - From a 1950’s innovative group of hot rod enthusiasts to leading edge technology formulating today’s leading automobile designs & technology.
• Major Sports Teams - It began with the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moving west to California in 1958, we now offer World Champion teams in all major sports.
• Adventurous Outdoor Sports - Snow & water skiing, snowboarding, white water rafting, surfing, sailing, hang gliding, hot air balloons, mountain climbing, cycling, and skate boarding.
• Olympics - California has hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe and the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics at the historic Los Angeles Coliseum. 
• Internationally recognized Fine Dining experiences - California has created its own style of the finest cuisines in the world from every conceivable cultural background.
• Political leaders - California has had numerous U.S. Presidents’ visit and vacation here and 3 have established residency in the state.

• THEMED EXPERIENCES FOR FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT - These magical venues will enroll you in an unexpectedly thrilling ride through the state of California’s most iconic settings.

Native Americans & California Redwoods - Only in California do these great trees  have the environment to thrive. Encounter Native Americans & settlers from the era.
Old California - Early Mission settlements that established early California.
Gold Rush & Old San Francisco Barbary Coast - 49ner’s Gold Rush on the American River & early settlement of San Francisco.
San Francisco’s Iconic Golden Gate Bridge - Recognized worldwide and identifying the crossing of the San Francisco Bay into San Francisco. 
Old Chinatown - Enjoy the history. The area will be home to daily street parades and look like Chinatown did back in the 1950’s.
San Francisco Cable Car - Experience the joy, thrill and views of San Francisco.
Little Italy & Fisherman’s Wharf - The thrill & challenge of the local catch and a dining experience that it provides.

Farallon Islands Great White Shark Dive Experience - Guests will board a San
 Francisco Wharf dive boat and head out to “sea”.
California Coastal Beaches - Experience time at the beach, big wave riding and picnics along the California coast’s most famous beaches.
Big Sur - Only on the central coast of California do the mountains and streams reach the ocean in such a dramatic setting.
Yosemite National Park - Waterfalls, 1,200 square miles, deep valleys, grand meadows,  ancient giant sequoias, vast wilderness area, and more on your “Zip Line” experience. 
Wine Country Russian River and Hang Glider Thrills - Opportunity to view the wine country and enjoy a glass of wine relaxing alongside the river bank.
American River Rapids - Ride the rapids enjoying its amazing splendor and thrills.
Silicon Valley- Pays tribute to the technological heart of California, the land of innovation.
Hollywood - A working movie studio and tour along with dining at famous Hollywood
hotspots after shopping on Rodeo Drive and “Ride The Movies”.

Aerospace - From the Spirit of St. Louis to modern day Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman, California has been at the forefront of aviation and space technology.  
Tour of California - Visit the beaches, Hollywood, the Sierra mountains, Napa Valley
vineyards, the Golden Gate bridge and the Redwoods. Ride a Mavericks 70 ft. wave and visit Big Sur in a thrilling adventure of the senses.
Fine Dining Experiences - All the cultural ethnicity of California’s diverse population
will provide an environment reminiscent of its heritage.

• TRANSPORTATION To & Within The Spirit Of California Entertainment Park

Spirit of California THEM PARK



Spirit of California’s Entertainment Park will provide the only Theme Park Hotel and Convention Center in Northern California.

The Spirit of California Hotel will be like no other location in California.

Our exciting hotel will include retail store space, a central atrium, indoor attractions, including shows, simulator films, an indoor amusement ride on which passengers aboard guided vehicles travel through specially lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music, special effects and multiple restaurants. There also will be visual and adjacent access to multiple pools, water feature activities and a lake with its own beach.

The resort themed hotel will include the following:

• Exciting retail shopping stores

• An arcade

• A business center

• A luxury spa

• Attractions for high caliber business groups and VIP guests


• Spirit of California Hotel 520 square foot rooms will have 2 Queen bed’s or 1 King bed and offer the following amenities:

• Balcony with patio furniture

• Desk with chair

• 2 foot benches

• Mini refrigerator & bar

• 50” wall mount TV • 2 Armoirs

• 4’6” x 6’ shower

• Jacuzzi tub

• Large vanity with 2 sinks

Our adjacent Spirit of California Convention Center will be attractive to business groups and professional clientele.


• The Convention Center will offer a business forum that provides satellite locations to business such as Fed Ex, Office Max or Best Buy.


• Businesses hosting large conventions will be drawn to the Spirit of California Entertainment Park because of the exciting destination that offers many attractions to their attendees with more attractions and synergy then just a luxury hotel can provide.


• Convention planners will enjoy increased attendance from their business and organizations. It offers many more than any other destination in California.


The Spirit of California Hotel and Convention Center will become Northern California’s “must see” resort. Located on its own lake with its own beach, the facility will offer multiple pools with water park features. The entire complex will be within walking distance or shuttle access and full view to & from the Spirit of California Theme Park.

• TRANSPORTATION To & Within The Spirit Of California Entertainment Park


The dynamic excitement of our Festival Park is influenced by the Spirit of California Entertainment Park’s themed environment and synergy.


Our music festivals will include all genres of music for every age group to enjoy. The patrons will experience the excitement of attending the Festival Park for both indoor and outdoor events such as Country, Pop and Symphony & Techno music. It will include conventions, car shows, weddings, art & wine festivals and more.


The park will also offer a charming meeting place for company & family picnics and reunions. All events will enjoy the close proximity, availability and enjoyment of the nearby Spirit of California Entertainment Park’s many attractions.


The SOC Festival Park’s synergistic design will bring the attendee’s into the environment established throughout the greater Entertainment Park with an uncompromised quality presentation. All will be enjoyed in an amazingly beautiful and picturesque landscaped & hardscape setting inviting visitors to a relaxing day of entertainment and activities.

• PAVILION EVENT ARENA - The arena will provide open floor space and a stage for concerts and seating of 8,000.  The design will open up to the outside in an expansive manner in order to be utilized with, and as part of, the overall park setting.


• Meeting & Event Space


• AMPHITHEATER CONCERT CENTER - The amphitheater will be an inviting gently sloped bowl shaped reserved seating area for 5,000 including premier box seating looking into an elevated covered stage.  The groomed grass areas in the surrounding area will accommodate 15,000 additional viewers.


• Luxury Patio Seating

• Concessionaire Locations


• OUTDOOR CONCERT VENUES - The 105-acre state of the art festival grounds will offer

multiple opportunities for smaller intimate concert celebrations throughout the venue.


• FESTIVAL PARK EVENTS - The park will embrace hosting exciting other community events.  


• FESTIVAL GROUNDS - The grounds will offer a dynamic park-like atmosphere of 45 acres accommodating over 100,000 people.

• Private Beverage Cabanas

• Concessionaire Facilities

• Specialty & Gift Shops

• Hospitality & Catering

• Open & Covered Landscaped Picnic Areas


“Good Music, Good Art, Good Food, Good Friends = GREAT TIMES”

• PARK DESIGN FEATURES - The park will be presented in an ambience featuring enjoyable walks, patios and water features in a landscaped park setting providing localized venues for varied use to enhance the patron’s experience.

• Airports, Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation

Spirit of California FESTIVAL PARK
Spirit of California SPORTS COMPLEX
Spirit of California SPORTS COMPLEX
Spirit of California GOLF COURSE

Internationally renowned PGA golf course architects are contracting with the Spirit of California for the golf course design. The architecture and facility amenities will be coordinated with Peter Alexander for continuity, quality and imagery consistent with the Entertainment Park’s theme.

We will provide a facility for the attraction of world class golfing, as well as appeal to the local and regional golfing enthusiasts on a daily basis. It will be designed to the high standards of the other venues in the entertainment park environment and synergy.

The course will encompass challenges in an environment of rolling acreage abounding with water features, elevation changes and Northern California native landscaping.

The beauty and environment of the facility will be enhanced consistent with the expectations of the Spirit of California Entertainment Park for a first class experience, from the club house to the pro golf shop and restaurants, to the 18th hole.

SPIRIT OF CALIFORNIA GOLF COURSE - We will provide a breathtaking 27 holes of refined fairway. The stunning and gorgeous environment encourages the spirit and camaraderie inspired by this great game. Wandering creeks, cascading waterfalls and graceful gardens form a landscape that is simply inspiring. Accept this coveted challenge and enjoy the golf experience of a lifetime. 


• DESIGNERS - Spirit of California (SOC) has chosen an internationally sought after authority on golf course design, renovation and the environment. The experience of the team includes Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Byron Nelson and Robert Trent Jones


• WALKING - The fine fescue fairways provide a fast and firm-playing surface.

• LAWN (GRASS) - The grass is bio engineered specifically for Spirit of California.

• CLUB HOUSE - This overlooks the course and provides the ultimate in day use amenities.

• MICHELIN STAR ACCOMMODATIONS - Adjacent to the 18th fairway we will present the finest lodging and overnight accommodations.

• COTTAGE - A unique experience awaits golfers when they walk off the final green and take a short stroll to their private Irish cottage.

• GOLF MERCHANDISE - Play and win like a champion. Get the gear you’ll need to look and play your best from the brands at the top of their game.

• SIMULATORS - It is always special to get a leg up on the competition utilizing our state of the art interactive golf swing simulators.

• Airports, Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation


The Spirit of California Sports Complex will be presented in a park like atmosphere with an environment and landscaping features consistent with the Spirit of California Entertainment Park themes. The complex will feature a full array of professional level sports fields and courts with spectator viewing, concessions and restrooms. The design theme and amenities for the complex will emulate professional and major college facilities.

Included in the development plans will be an indoor field house for the sports academy with indoor facilities to include track & field events, courts and playing fields. All fields and facilities will be maintained to the highest standards of excellence in the expectations and standards of the entertainment park.

• Baseball and Softball Fields – Professional level playing fields and dugouts will be meticulously presented and maintained. The theme for the fields will replicate major league parks.

• Soccer, Football and Lacrosse Fields – The latest in all standards of excellence and presentation will be designed into the facilities.

• Basketball, Volley Ball & Tennis Courts – The finest court qualities will be presented in a professional manner and maintained to the highest quality standards.

• Track & Field Facilities – The experience will be of a major college or professional event.

• Olympic Pool – Our competitive training and event pool will accommodate daily training and competitive events in all swim exercises.

• Accommodations for Featured Sporting Activities – They will offer appropriate and comfortable fan seating, restrooms and food concessions in the highest traditions of the

specific sporting events settings.


• SOC SPORTS ACADEMY - The academy will provide a unique, modern, state-of-the-art skill development facility. This will be an exciting youth sports development & training facility with indoor basketball, soccer, football & track, and will include dormitories to facilitate 2 to 6 week immersion programs.

• SPORTS COMPLEX & ACADEMY OPTIONS - A variety of opportunities will be available at the complex and will have a wide range of youth programs. Tutoring, sports camps and clinics will be scheduled year-round to build confidence, strength and camaraderie among the youth.

• RESORT and POOL - This area of the facility will be designed for the recreational and entertainment portion of the complex.






• Airports, Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation

Spirit of California SPORTS COMPLEX



The Spirit of California MotorCoach & Camping Resort will be like non-other in the nation. It will be an upscale destination resort with a perfect location to enjoy the Spirit of California Entertainment Park and surrounding venues.

The resort will be in the themed spirit and environment of the complete entertainment park. Luxury MotorCoach lots, sites and individual cabins will be available for the patron’s choosing. A rolling topography with water features and landscaping reminiscent of central and northern California’s picturesque settings will invite the visitors to a relaxing stay.

• 105-ACRE MOTORCOACH & CAMPING RESORT - A luxurious popular lodging option to enjoy the mega entertainment park with your family.

• RESORT ACCOMODATIONS - The exciting choices for tent cabins, village bungalows and overnight campsites are an upscale cultural experience beyond any camping comparison anywhere in the world.

“Tuscany Villas”

"Gold Rush Cabins"

Your journey through the “Ritz” of resort camping will offer you choices among 75  Tuscany Villas and Gold Rush Cabins.

“Yosemite Village” & “Big Basin Redwood Grove” tent cabins

“Overnight Campsites”

“Day Camp”

All park accommodations will include restroom/shower facilities and picturesque landscaping. The camp sites, support facilities and atmosphere will be designed in a relaxing family friendly environment for all to enjoy.





• Accommodations

• Interactive Entertainment

• Entertainment

• Children & Children at Heart

• Lakeside Activities

• Pool Side

• Sports

• Resort Amenities

• Transportation To & Within The Spirit Of California Entertainment Park


Immerse yourself. Experience the Spirit of California MotorCoach & Camping Resort with its way of living, designed for the discriminating camper.

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motorsports car Sher edited

The Vintner Center is designed for that “get way” that includes the ambience and charm of the international wine countryside without the expense.


The venue will be highlighted by a natural lakeside setting among the vineyards, sprawling lawns and unique chalets displaying and offering the finest in wines and champagne. With a gorgeous backdrop of natural foliage, the Vintner Center will include olive trees and grapevines.  


Each individual tasting chalet’s owner will show off their personalized vintner design theme to embrace the beauty of the world’s top wine producing regions from the countries of Italy, France, United States (California), Spain, Australia and more.              

The expansive grounds will also include a quaint natural lawn amphitheater facing the lakeside stage with ample seating for 1,500 guests. This area will cater to weddings, musical performances, wine auctions and philanthropic events.

• VINTER CENTER COURTYARD - Cobble stone walkways with statuesque water fountains will highlight some very winsome, unique and appealing retail shops, spas and cafés.


• PARTICIPATING WINERIES and VINEYARDS - Numerous vintners have expressed interest in becoming a participant in our dynamic and charming venue.


• The Design and Scope

• Individual Vineyards


THE BOUTIQUE WINERY - The owners wishing to branch out and offer their limited quantity in a vintner setting now has an opportunity.  


Current Winery Challenges:


• Urban Wineries

• Wine Bars




VINTNER CENTER “Shopping Mall Style” - This venue could be compared to a boutique shopping mall. Everyone can enjoy the invigorating, open air back drop of the wine region with the inspiration of a wine walk setting.


• WINE CRUSHING - The Spirit of California will be growing over 300 acres of wine grapes to create its signature blends for all those discerning patrons. All crushing, wine making operations and barrel tastings will be highlighted for all to see and taste.


Come visit some of the most accomplished wine makers as they demonstrate their talents in creating new blends and also your favorites.

• Airports, Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation

Spirit of California VINTNER CENTER
Spirit of California MOTORSPORTS PARK

THE RENOWNED PETER ALEXANDER  One of the premier designers in the theme park entertainment industry coupled with the world’s eminent racetrack designers are collectively creating an unparalleled technologically advanced 400-acre, Motorsports Park.


Experienced racers and automotive enthusiasts will be amazed at the comfort, style and experience never developed at a race facility. The facility will have 12 different tracks with multiple configurations concurrently active for amateur and professional events. All racetracks will be fully accessible via an elevated monorail transportation system to and from all Spirit of California Entertainment Park venues.


The Motorsports Park will offer diverse track configurations for motorsport activities from the major sanctioning bodies. They will include road racing, oval track, drag racing and off road racing for automobiles and motorcycles.


The park’s features, event sites and amenities will be presented in the Spirit of California themed architecture fashion. The building designs and landscaping will create a world class environment for all patrons to experience and enjoy.








The Motorsports Park will feature the following:







Support businesses, activities, amenities, access and transportation:

Themed Activities

Facility Amenities


Airports, Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation


Our second phase includes a 900 permanent slip and 400 transient slip Boat Marina that will have covered boat slips for yachts to ski boats.  We will also offer “dry stack” storage in an adjacent enclosed building.  The marina will offer full service with a boat dealer, repair facility, fishing tackle, and fuel.


The marina includes 250,000 square feet of venues for shopping, specialty stores, restaurants, and outdoor cafes that will resemble “The Grove” in Los Angeles.


The marina will be a contemporary architectural project with all elements utilizing the latest technology in design and materials ecologically appealing to the maintenance and the environment.  The most advanced designers in their respected fields will submit design proposals for consideration.


The other venues having frontage on or adjacent to the marina will be the hotel, convention center, a public park, and movie studios.

Spirit of California BOAT MARINA
Shopping Town

Adjacent to the marina will be 250,000 square feet of venues for retail shopping, specialty stores, restaurants and outdoor cafes that will resemble “The Grove” in Los Angeles.  This will be an upscale ambience accentuated by the proximity of the Boat Marina, Vintner Center, Golf Course and Film Studios. 


The development will include 2nd floor residential condominiums for ownership, lease and weekly rental. 


Management is proceeding with plans for the inclusion of an International Equestrian Center into the Spirit of California Entertainment Park master plan. Acheaval Consulting will be providing an in depth study for the Equestrian Center.


Preliminary studies have shown the venue will draw from the all of North America; United States, Canada and Mexico. There is only one other facility in the western United States that serves participants and spectators of this exciting arena of entertainment. Conceptual plans are for 300 acre site with multiple international exposition quality riding rings with the main arena providing covered spectator grandstands. Each discipline, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Endurance, Vaulting, Reining, and Driving, is a distinct sport requiring different sized arenas, footing, support equipment and care.

Extensive open exercise areas will be on the grounds with stables, tack areas and participant lounges. The grounds will include expansive participant parking for truck horse trailers and motorhome parking. The adjacent areas will include an “old town” atmosphere consistent with California’s regional history. This will include an equestrian rider support industry market, restaurants, retail concessions and a boutique hotel.

Spirit of California EQUSTRIAN CENTER



Movie Studios will be built within this project. W.C. Fields Inc. has begun collaborating with Spirit of California to construct an independent film and TV production studio, a Comedy Museum and a Performing Arts Theater as a part of this Movie Studio venue.


W.C. Fields Inc. will promote a comedy film festival to be held annually. W.C. Fields comedy museum will be erected to feature an array of comedic talent. Special premier releases would be highlighted here at the studios in Tracy, as in Hollywood. Independent filmmakers and reality shows are always searching to find studio space and set locations in California.


Spirit of California studios will provide those venue sets and studio space.

Spirit of California MOVIE STUDIOS & MUSEUM
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