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Phillip L. McKitterick 

Since our inception, Phillip McKitterick has been our Secretary, Executive Vice President for Operations, Planning and Development and a member of our Board of Directors. Phillip McKitterick has an extensive business background in manufacturing, land delvelpment and contruction project mangagement calling on his education in architecture.

1971 – 1987: Phillip started his own automotive internal engine components manufacturing company while a professional race driver for numerous automobile manufacturers. He was President and responsible for all engineering and sales. The company had international distribution to the automotive original Equipment  Manufacturers High Performance Market as well as the high performance and aftermarket replacement parts industry.

1987 – 2011: His construction and design experience includes directing commercial and residential projects for site plan development, infrastructure and building construction projects. Phillip’s construction project management includes; banks, a church, markets, commercial office buildings, retail locations, single family track development, custom homes and multi-family apartments and condominiums. His experience also includes historic restoration projects.  Mr. McKitterck was past vice president for the Koll Family in their Western U.S. residential project development.  He managed designs, consultants, financial planning, day to day management of all aspects of the construction and delivery of the completed projects to the clients.

1988 – 1993: Phillip co-designed an automotive proving grounds for original equipment manufacturers, negotiated the long term land lease for the project and changes to the general plan for the land use. He created the business plan and client use agreements for same. He has international business experience with the manufacturing and automotive industries having been a professional race driver for several automobile manufacturers, as well as development testing for chassis and engine manufacturers and builders.  He also has extensive background in third party verification, automotive vehicle and product testing.  Phillip is a past member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

2011 - Present: Administration and operations development of all aspects of Spirit of California Entertainment Group, Inc. a 2020 acre Entertainment Park.

Paradise Church
Paradise C.O.G.I.C. Church, Pacoima, CA
Cunha Country Grocery  & General Store
Cunha Country Grocery & General Store,
Half MoonBay, CA
(new replication of historic structure lost in fire)
Custom Residential Estate
9,000 sf, 13 acr. custom (exterior)
residential estate, Los Gatos, CA
Residential Estate, Los Gatos CA
9,000 sf, 13 acr. custom (interior)
residential estate, Los Gatos, CA
Vehicle Research Center
992 ac. Vehicle Research Center, Lancaster, CA
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