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The Spirit of California Sports Complex  will be presented in a park like atmosphere with an environment and landscaping features consistent with the Spirit of California Entertainment Park themes. The complex will feature a full array of professional level sports fields and courts with spectator viewing, concessions and restrooms. The design theme and amenities for the complex will emulate professional and major college facilities.

Included in the development plans will be an indoor field house for the sports academy with indoor facilities to include track & field events, courts and playing fields.  All fields and facilities will be maintained to the highest standards of excellence in the expectations and standards of the entertainment park.

  • Baseball & Softball Fields - Professional level playing fields and dugouts will be meticulously presented and maintained.  The theme for the fields will replicate major league parks for participant enjoyment on the fields and spectator's appeal with stadium and park like seating for family support, as well as unique concession stands for all to enjoy. 

  • Soccer, Football & Lacrosse Fields - The latest in all standards of excellence and presentation will be designed into the facilities. The will offer convenient and comfortable spectator seating.

  • Basketball, Volleyball & Tennis Courts -The finest court qualities will be presented in a professional manner and maintained to the highest quality standards.Court side seating will enhance the experience for supporter and spectator’s enjoyment.

  • Track & Field Facilities -The experience will be of a major college and professional level event to the enjoyment of participants and supporters as well.

  • Olympic Pool - Our competitive training and event pool will accommodate daily training and competitive events in all swim exercises to include structured workouts, water polo, triathlon and world-class competitive swimming events.

  • Accommodations for Featured Sporting Activities - They will offer appropriate and comfortable fan seating, restrooms and food concessions in the highest traditions of the specific sporting events settings.

  • SOC SPORTS ACADEMY - The academy will provide a unique, modern; state-of-the-art skill development facility. The development facility will focus on youth life skills through academic mentor-ship, and sports immersion so that our youth will become academically successful, socially adjusted, and physically fit citizens. This will be an exciting youth sports development & training facility with indoor basketball, soccer, football & track and will include dormitories to facilitate 2 to 6 week immersion programs

  • SPORTS COMPLEX & ACADEMY OPTIONS - A variety of opportunities will be available at the complex and will have a wide range of youth programs. Tutoring, sports camps and clinics will be scheduled year-round to build additional confidence, strength and camaraderie among the youth.  The complex will also provide recreational and competitive training activities primarily for youth, though opportunities for adults, families, seniors and professionals are available.

  • RESORT & POOL - This area of the facility will be designed for the recreational and entertainment portion of the complex. A safe, secured and friendly resort and pool distinctively designed with multiple pools to include a secluded beach pool area in conjunction with a prominent pavilion concert entertainment and picnic area. The restaurant cabanas and game rooms will offer relaxing environments away from the competitive sports arenas.

  • AMENITIES - Among the many offerings will be:​

  • Batting cages for individual practice and training to include video review.

  • Pitching cages with pitching mound offering video training capabilities with radar guns.

  • Professional level specific sport equipment and coaching.

  • Sport appropriate personal trainers to enhance the experience and take the participants to the next level in  the sport.

  • Sport specific participant video training with professional coaching instructions offering individual sports skills analysis programs letting you view you view yourself as your training progresses.  The video display will accurately display your profile from all angles, and team events will be captured on video and available for critique in action.

  • Weight training facilities with development programs designed for the individual.

  • Personal and group fitness training designed for each sports specific skills and requirements.

  • Full service sporting goods store offering the finest in both sports equipment and clothing for all ages youth  through adult.

  • Vending machines offering healthful water, sports drinks and appropriate snacks.

  • Locker rooms and appropriate bathrooms with showers maintained to the highest cleanliness and overall  standards.

  • Concession food services will be provided through name brand concession services consistent with the  Spirit of California quality, presentation and image.

  • GOALS - Spirit of California will manage the public organization sanctioned sports fields. The sponsors and advertisers will provide additional revenue to the park providing a well maintained facility and allowing a reduced cost to each player participant. The leagues will have the opportunity to play on the fields at a lower than normal cost with scholarships being offered to players that qualify for financial support.With multiple sports and year round participation in the Sports Complex the demographic studies have concluded that there will be a large volume of visitors and participants attending the park weekly.

  • PARKING - 

  • Participants, families and spectators will find abundant parking throughout the     facilitie

  • Reserved exhibitor priority parking; vehicle and motor home parking will be provided.

  • Transporter / truck exhibitor designated parking is also available.

  • Should a portion of the acreage be required for larger events, the Spirit of California Entertainment Park has abundant additional parking available via park transportation services from our adjacent venue areas

  • RV / Motorhome parking will have a designated area.

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