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The Vintner Center is designed for that "getaway" which includes the ambiance and charm of the International Wine Countryside without the expense.


The venue will be highlighted by a natural lakeside setting among the vineyards, sprawling lawns and unique chalets displaying and offering the finest in wines and champagne. With a gorgeous backdrop of natural foliage, the Vintner Center will include olive trees and grapevines.  


Each individual tasting chalet’s owner will show off their personalized vintner design theme to embrace the beauty of the world’s top wine producing regions from the countries of Italy, France, United States (California), Spain, Australia and more.              

The expansive grounds will also include a quaint natural lawn amphitheater facing the lakeside stage with ample seating for 1,500 guests. This area will cater to weddings, musical performances, wine auctions and philanthropic events.

  • VINTNER CENTER COURTYARD - Cobble stone walkways with statuesque water fountains will highlight some very winsome, unique and appealing retail shops, spas and cafes. The courtyard will feature weekly events under canvas tents blending enchanting affairs featuring wines, olive oils, mustards, cheeses, champagnes, wine glasses and accessories.

  • PARTICIPATING WINERIES & VINEYARDS - Numerous vintners have expressed interest in becoming a participant in our dynamic and charming venue. Our Vintner Center will provide their business with an increased opportunity to display their wine and more, in a unique environment that presents their products in the charm and warmth of the wine country.

  • "The Design & Scope" of this venue is attractive to those winery businesses that desire to go beyond the industrial winery and distribution facilities or the basic retail store to promote their wines.

  • "Individual Vineyards" can occupy a tasting chalet of their own design to offer wine and accessories directly to the public.  This location will draw increased traffic and keep the winery from selling out to a national distributor. This will also allow medium to large vineyards a second location to offer their inventory without the high expense of building an entire vineyard or winery location.  

  • THE BOUTIQUE WINERY - The owners wishing to branch out and offer their limited quantity in a vintner setting now has an opportunity.  Most boutique wineries do not have the financial capability to compete with the large and costly operations in the wine country, and need an affordable outlet to sell their premium wines. We will cater to this unique and exclusive group of vintners. This type of marketing plan allows the winery to pass on savings and remain hands on for the customer.


Current Winery Challenges: 


  • "Urban Wineries" have built or rented wine tasting rooms in downtown areas

to expose their wines to a retail customer in a busy public location which has had limited

success. This is primarily due to the fact that these locations are not in the heart of a

wine country with surrounding wineries and tasting rooms. The concept has realized

less appeal because they are typically only featuring their own vineyard varieties.


  • "Wine Bars" are currently appearing in downtown areas that serve many varieties of wine and food as well.  This is generally more appealing to the average customer.




  • VINTNER CENTER " "Shopping Mall Style" -This venue could be compared to a boutique shopping mall. Many persons like different stores around their city, but when a buyer wants to do some convenient one stop shopping, the answer is to go to the mall. This has birthed the idea of clustering wine tasting rooms in a wine country atmosphere. Everyone can enjoy the invigorating, open air back drop of the wine region with the inspiration of a wine walk setting.


  • WINE CRUSHING - The Spirit of California will be growing over 300 acres of wine grapes to create its signature blends for all those discerning patrons. Each year the vineyard will be harvesting and crushing its grapes In the old world fashion. All crushing, wine making operations and barrel tastings will be highlighted for all to see and taste.


Come visit some of the most accomplished wine makers as they demonstrate their talents in creating new blends, and also your favorites.


- Patron parking; 4 acres of abundant adjacent parking will be available for 400 cars.

- Reserved exhibitor priority parking; vehicle and motor home parking will be provided.

- Transporter / truck exhibitor parking.  

- Reserved patron parking.

- Concierge valet parking.

- RV / Motorhome parking.

Airport Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation  

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