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The dynamic excitement of our Festival Park is influenced by the Spirit of California Entertainment Park's themed environment and synergy.

Our music festivals will include all genres of music for every age group to enjoy. The patrons will experience the excitement of attending the Festival Park for both indoor and outdoor events such as Country, Pop and Symphony & Techno music. It will include conventions, car shows, weddings, art & wine festivals and more.


The park will also offer a charming meeting place for company & family picnics and reunions. All events will enjoy the close proximity, availability and enjoyment of the nearby Spirit of California Entertainment Park’s many attractions.


The SOC Festival Park’s synergistic design will bring the attendee’s into the environment established throughout the greater Entertainment Park with an uncompromising quality presentation. All will be enjoyed in an amazingly beautiful and picturesque landscaped & hardscape setting inviting visitors to a relaxing day of entertainment and activities.

  • PAVILION EVENT ARENA - The arena will provide open floor space and a stage for concerts and seating of 8,000.  The floor space and stage will be enhanced with creative façade settings for the music concerts, conventions, pro tennis & indoor volleyball tournaments and other events to be presented.


The design will open up to the outside in an expansive manner in order to be utilized with, and as part of, the overall park setting.


  • "Meeting & Event Space" - The facility amenities will include a distinctive prestigious restaurant, 1st class catering kitchen, restrooms, exciting vendor location store fronts,  concessionaire facilities, furnished exhibitor rental office space, administrative offices and exclusive conference rooms with state-of-the-art hi-tech video and technical capabilities. The design also offers offices & store fronts for exhibitors, private catering, main level luxury hospitality suites and 2nd story hospitality suites with exterior patio decks.


  • AMPHITHEATER CONCERT CENTER -The amphitheater will be an inviting gently sloped bowl shaped reserved seating area for 5,000 including premier box seating looking into an elevated covered stage.  The professionally groomed grass areas surrounding the reserved seating will accommodate 15,000 additional viewers. The theater will be in a gracefully curved setting looking onto the elevated stage, with artistically directed lighting and creatively developed backdrops to enhance the ambiance and the patron's experience for each specific musical genre.


  •  "Luxury Patio Seating" -The ultimate amphitheater experience will be on the park-like grass settings with individual landscaped patios providing luxury patio seating for private party enjoyment and catering.


  •  "Luxury Concessionaire Locations" - Spirit of California Entertainment Park will have its restaurants serving a cultural experience to match the concert musical setting. Patrons will be thrilled that they will be conveniently located and easily accessible with minimal time in service lines.


They will be offering an upgraded service, menus and waiters to serve you in specific locations.  We will also have general concession food plazas served by premium quality vendors nearby. Adjacent restrooms will be easily accessible.


  • OUTDOOR CONCERT VENUES - The 105-acre state of the art festival grounds will offer multiple opportunities for smaller intimate concert celebrations throughout the venue.

These will be creatively landscaped environments inviting to all patrons with concessionaire services and restrooms easily accessible and special focus on female conveniences.

  • FESTIVAL PARK EVENTS - Along with music concerts, the park will embrace hosting conventions, art & wine festivals, Concours d’Elegance & other car shows, weddings, antique & craft shows, trade shows, business conferences, company picnics and other community events.  

  • FESTIVAL GROUNDS -The grounds will offer a dynamic park-like atmosphere of 45 acres accommodating over 100,000 people.

  • "Private Beverage Cabana" These quaint cabanas will offer unique public and private facilities which will be strategically located per individual event requirements to serve patrons.


  •  Concessionaire Facilities" The indoor pavilion will provide an upscale food plaza with facilities for event requirements. Our outdoor park-side concessions and vendor village kiosks will be strategically located to serve attendees for all events and activities.


  • "Specialty & Gift Shops" Every event’s supporting product and souvenir vendor will have multiple exclusive options for presentation and sales of their products.


  •  "Hospitality & Catering" Our Chalet Tent Villages will be specifically designed for themed events and will offer hospitality opportunities for all clients.  Chalet catering locations will be available at both the Amphitheater and Park Gardens.


  • "Open & Covered Landscaped Picnic Areas" These popular locations will be available for daily picnic use during scheduled events by the attending patrons.  Numerous aesthetically designed covered and open spacious relaxing areas will be offered with picnic tables and close by facilities to be embraced by all attendees.

"Good Music, Good Art, Good Food And Good Friends = GREAT TIMES"

  • PARK DESIGN FEATURES -The 105 acre park setting will be presented in an ambiance designed with enjoyable walks, patios and water features in a landscaped park setting. The grasses, flower beds and trees will provide localized venues for varied use to enhance the events and the patron’s experience. The facilities will be designed in a manner to encourage use by small to large events with multiple options to accommodate flexibility in client requirements.


  • PARKING - 

  • Participants, families and spectators will find abundant parking throughout the facilities.

  • Reserved exhibitor priority parking; vehicle and motor home parking will be provided.

  • Transporter / truck exhibitor designated parking is also available.  

  • Should a portion of the acreage be required for larger events, the Spirit of California Entertainment Park has abundant additional parking available via park transportation services from our adjacent venue areas.

  • RV / Motorhome parking will have a designated area.

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