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THE RENOWNED PETER ALEXANDER: One of the premier designers in the theme park entertainment industry coupled with the world’s eminent racetrack designers are collectively creating an unparalleled technologically advanced 400-acre, Motorsports Park.


Experienced racers and automotive enthusiasts will be amazed at the comfort, style and experience never developed at a race facility. The facility will have 12 different tracks with multiple configurations concurrently active for amateur and professional events. All racetracks will be fully accessible via an elevated monorail transportation system to and from all Spirit of California Entertainment Park venues.


The Motorsports Park will offer diverse track configurations for motorsport activities from the major sanctioning bodies. They will include road racing, oval track, drag racing and off road racing for automobiles and motorcycles.


The park’s features, event sites and amenities will be presented in the Spirit of California themed architecture fashion. The building designs and landscaping will create a world class environment for all patrons to experience and enjoy.


3.7 MILE ROAD RACING COURSE:  The track is capable of being divided into 3 sections of various length and course configurations…that can be run concurrently. The facility will be suitable for both professional and amateur events. Courses will meet automotive F-1 to Super Bike competition requirements designed to FIA Grade 2 specification.

     Full time ambulance, medical triage and fire safety facilities have track access for the ultimate safety of drivers and park patrons. The road course will offer patrons the opportunity to purchase “Car Condominiums” at multiple locations facing the track, each with their own garage/workshop, living space and viewing decks…just the thing for the amateur and professional race enthusiast.

     The best fan experience will be the fascinating bird’s eye view from a Ferris Wheel and a 7 story-viewing tower. The facility will have a large race position podium visible from all viewing areas with a large flat screen offering strategic viewing of pit side and track racing.


½ MILE BANKED OVAL:  This high performance track operates with sound deflection and dampening technology and soft walls designed specifically for ultimate safety.

    Buildings will be equipped with colossal 360-degree flat screens facilitating viewing from any racing area (including the drivers at Start/Finish). A panoramic view restaurant and air-conditioned viewing area will be among the most appealing way to experience daytime and nighttime races for the whole family.


¼ MILE NHRA PROFESSIONAL DRAG STRIP:  Complete with 4 lane - (⅛ and ¼) mile CONFIGURATIONS. Live action cameras will pace the cars as they run the track. Our engineers have designed sound deflection with landscaped dampening technology and soft walls scientifically created for maximum safety.

    Buildings will be equipped with massive flat screens facilitating viewing from any racing area (including the drivers at the starting line). Independently owned “Car Condominiums” will be built trackside with garage, living space, and rooftop viewing decks.


OFF ROAD COURSES:  These courses will include Off Road Truck, Motocross, Tractor Pull, and ATV. They will be constructed with water traps and various terrain obstacles for multi-talented configurations arranged to challenge all off road driving skills and abilities. This incomparable recreational area will be unlike any other off road facility in existence.

1/4 Mile NHRA
3.7 Mile Course
1/2 Mile Banked Oval
Off Road Courses
Club Auto

PADDOCK AMENITIES: The design will offer complete rental garages, a specific park area for motor homes with power and water connections and overhead video projection.

     Included is a translucent overhead vinyl shade covering with lighting for nighttime activity and wet weather protection.


FOUR STAR HOTEL: Accommodations never before seen at a motorsports park…ever! A lavish destination intended to appeal to those who demand luxurious first class accommodations wherever they go. The sumptuous boutique hotel will feature 50 rooms with impressive views of the track, a rooftop bar, a first-rate epicurean restaurant with lounge for the ultimate in racing luxury.

     The closed circuit TV viewing, along with sound reducing triple pane windows will offer a quiet atmosphere when required.

Four Star Hotel

RACECAR MUSEUM: This gallery offers a unique collection of new and antique race cars, motorcycles and a prolific historical data. It will also include a race-simulator activity center, group tours, a motorsports merchandise gift shop and economical racetrack “Ride and Drive” experience packages. All persons ages 2 to 92 will be able to experience the thrill of racing at its finest.


VEHICLE RESEARCH CENTER: A purpose built O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) quality designed vehicle test facility will be incorporated into the site, offering automotive manufactures privacy and security. The venue will consist of vehicle dynamics areas, coast down lanes, multi-surface lanes, new vehicle presentation facilities, and full time resident garages. Companies will be able to make use of the adjacent motorsports tracks for extended durability testing when not in use for motorsports events.


“CLUB AUTO” TROPHY/BUSINESS HUB: The center features automotive related businesses that will cater to the racer and auto enthusiast. The Drive-in Offices and Exhibition Center will be ideal for auto premieres for new car and race team promotions. Race teams and sponsors will be thrilled with this first-rate showroom venue complete with catering facilities in a park-like setting for display.

Racecar Museum
Research Center


• A professional Go Kart track with multiple track variations.

• A Themed Car Zone designed for children to adults.

• A 360-degree jumbo video screen intended to stream real time and replays around the track.

• Viewing towers and ferris wheel for breathtaking overhead race viewing.

• Specialty outdoor shopping mall style garage spaces which will enable businesses to operate and advertise during all race events.

• Interactive racing simulators with sophisticated personal “set up” for amateur and professional race training.

• Arrive and Drive monthly driving clubs for the patron who does not perform his own car preparation, but loves driving one.



• 104 car condominiums

• 150,000 sq. ft. of industrial garages

• An impressive car museum

• A Notable event center

• A connoisseur restaurant

• Lavish 50 room boutique hotel

• Multiple gourmet food concessions

• Souvenir retail shops

• Professional racing suppliers



• A 23-acre parking lot adjacent to the motorsports park venue will accommodate 2,300 cars.

• Additional parking for the road course patron is offered in the drag strip’s 16.5-acre paddock

  for 1,650 cars.

• Drag strip events will have access to parking in the road course 9-acre paddock for 900 cars.

• The devised plan will offer reserved competitor vehicle and motor home parking.

• Should a venue require additional parking for larger events, the Spirit of California Entertainment

   Park has abundant additional parking available via shuttle bus or monorail from its adjacent venues.

Airports, Accommodations, Extended Parking and Transportation

Theme Activities
Facility Amenities
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