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Our management team and engineering partners are committed to excellence of resource management in all disciplines to maximize re-utilization of our natural resources and bi-product of processing waste.

Biosolids • Food Waste • Green Waste • Solid Waste • Water Purification  

Anaerobic Dairy Digesters


Bio Fuel- Diesel & CNG

Fertilizers and Electricity


Dairy Food Product Industrial Waste


High Grade Fertilizers

Blended to Customer Specifications

Liquid Feed Stock Available

Packaged & Labeled to Requirements

James B. Rogers

James Rogers is the SOC Resource Management CEO, president, principal executive officer, treasurer and a member of our board of directors. Jim’s vision for the development of the resource management company has led to coordinating a team of engineering consultants with expertise in the disciplines required to maximize the latest technologies of waste management re-use.

Jim’s leadership has led to the planning and research of latest technologies utilizing the skills of industry leaders in each area of the project. SOC Resource Management has enrolled the services of world leaders as strategic partners in design and engineering for each specific discipline from vision to design & engineering through construction and management.

Mr. Rogers has extensive experience in the development of real estate development in commercial and residential projects. He has developed projects as master planner and sub divider for projects from 15 to 2000 acres in size. The projects have encompassed residential, park, school, commercial, and a shopping center. He developed a business park consisting of 15 buildings with a $45 million value which included medical offices, research and development, flex spaces, and offices.


He is responsible for the creation & development of all aspects of Spirit of California Entertainment Group, Inc. a 2020 acre Entertainment Park comprised of 16 individual venues and support industry. The projects estimated cost is $2.6 billion dollars and feasibility studies indicate over $800 million in annual revenue upon completion. The project will provide 16,000 new jobs to the region.

Phillip L. McKitterick

Since our inception, Phillip McKitterick has been our executive vice president for operations planning and development and a member of our board of directors. Phillip McKitterick has an extensive business background in manufacturing, land development and construction project management calling on his education in architecture.

As President of his own automotive internal engine components manufacturing company for 17 years he was responsible for all aspects of the company.  His experience in manufacturing includes product development and engineering, sales to major automotive aftermarket distribution and research and development departments in automotive original equipment manufacturers.  He was responsible for materials selection and manufacturing processes including production quality control systems.

Phillip has a long career in international motorsports and has worked for numerous automotive manufacturers and tire companies. He has performed 3rd party comparison testing for leading manufacturers during his career and continues to do so.

Phillip is past president of a Southern California residential development and construction company. He co-designed a 92 acre automotive test facility and developed the operational business plan including letters of intent from automotive manufactures for its use.

He has managed and facilitated design of housing site development, single family and multi-family residential and commercial construction and restoration projects in California, Idaho and Washington. His responsibilities have encompassed from design & materials selection to project management. He brings wide and encompassing areas of experience to SOC Resource Management in collaborating with it strategic partners.

Listed on the Fortune 500 as one of America’s largest companies, AECOM's talented employees—including architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists and management professionals—now serve clients in more than 150 countries around the world.


AECOM’s technical expertise and creative excellence come from the rich history of some of the world’s finest engineering, environmental, construction management as well as planning and design companies. From transportation, energy and water systems to positively impact lives, transform communities and make the world a better place.


What sets us apart is our collaborative way of working globally and delivering locally. A trusted partner to our clients, we draw together teams of engineers, planners, architects, landscape architects, environmental specialists, economists, scientists, consultants, as well as cost construction, project and program managers dedicated to finding the most innovative and appropriate solutions.


We are proud to be recognized in Engineering News-Record’s 2014 Top 500 Design Firms' rankings, where AECOM is ranked #1 overall. And, for four consecutive years, Newsweek included AECOM on its U.S. Companies Green Rankings list.

Other notable achievements include being named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute and as one of Financial Times’ Best Workplaces.



SOC Resource Management


At AECOM, we develop sustainable wastewater treatment systems to meet today's environmental challenges. We take an integrated and sustainable approach, which is essential to the effective management of wastewater and wastewater systems and the protection of our public waterways and drinking supplies.

We are leaders in the wastewater industry and our teams of professionals provide the highest quality professional wastewater engineering services, including:

  • Water quality modeling

  • Wastewater collection

  • Municipal wastewater treatment

  • Outfall

  • Wastewater reuse

  • Residuals management

We collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive master plans, identifying affordable infrastructure improvements that meet the most challenging wastewater problems. Our wastewater experts encompass the full range of treatment systems, including all aspects of water and global warming cycles.

Our capabilities incorporate such processes as advanced membrane bioreactors; enhanced nutrient systems; and advanced biosolids dewatering and oxidation processes. Our goal is to help develop treatment systems that provide:


  • Superior-quality reclaimed water for irrigation or commercial reuse

  • Clean power from biosolids and waste

  • Solid waste by-products for beneficial use


Our experts analyze the operations of lift stations, collection pipelines, and treatment facilities, and look for deficiencies that are likely to develop as the population increases and sewer-system components deteriorate.

We help clients collect, convey, treat, and find beneficial uses for effluent. Whether a client requires the design of a new plant or interceptor, an upgrade to a lift station or an integrated approach for water reclamation, our professionals have the expertise and experience to handle any global water assignment. We are a consistent and reliable partner for industries as they strive to comply with more stringent regulations.

TerraStar Energy is based in the USA and has sales representation and projects in development in USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and the South Pacific. We have assembled an outstanding, world-class team of specialists in their fields. We build turn-key systems for others and will work with major industry and municipalities to design/build/operate our own systems with power purchase and feedstock agreements in place. 


Our technologies include; anaerobic digestion, thermal gasification, biomass boilers and pyrolysis. Certain technologies are more appropriate for specific circumstances and often can be “stacked” in a single project to maximize the yield of energy and byproducts and therefore revenue.

We utilize modular components which are combined and scaled for each specific application. This maximizes our flexibility and speed of installation while providing the lowest installed cost for any waste to energy system and combined heat and power generator sets. Providing commercial solutions for:Agricultural: Biomass (Fuel) Crops Livestock Waste Crop WasteMunicipal: Waste water sludge Biomass recycling efforts Municipal Solid Waste Converting environmentally harmful waste to biogas, Off take agreements are in negotiation for our Bio Fuel & Fertilizers methane, electricity, liquid fuels, Zero Carbon Footprint. Zero Landfill. Energy 24 / 7 / 365.

SOC Resource Mangagement
SOC Resource Management
SOC Resource Management
SOC Resource Management


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